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FAQ's and Nutrish


surrounded in myth

It's only natural that caramel as fabled as ours is going to generate some misconceptions.  We've listed a few common questions people have about our treats.  We've also added a nutritional info link for all the health nuts and calorie counters.  Enjoy!


Is the caramel gluten free? 
Yes. However, some other toppings and additions are not.  
Do you handle peanuts/other allergens in your facility?
We do but we are sooo anti-cross-contamination. We go above and beyond what the Depts. of Health and Agriculture require.
Where do you get your apples from? 
Whenever possible, we get our apples from local farms. When Utah runs out we start sourcing them from out of state.
How do you make your caramel? 
With our hands. Seriously.  The process hasn't changed in 16 years. It's what keeps the quality consistent and the caramel smoother than Barry White's voice.
Are the apples free? 
We get asked this more than you might think. No, the apples are not free. The samples are free and their purpose is to offer a taste, not a free apple in the form of 22 samples. 
How do you get the caramel to stick to the apple?
Hot, liquidy sugar = super sticky. Made-from-scratch caramel sticks much easier than melting caramel cubes. Also, wash the wax off the apple!

Any other questions?

Thanks! Message sent.

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